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Unfinished Work

Introduction To a group of discouraged Jewish leaders and workers, who had abandoned their God-assignment for nearly 15 years, God sends a word through his prophet describing the finale or the dedication service. The word was that Zerubbabel, you are going to complete the task that you started, not by...


Don't Reject the Commandment You Were Given to Live a Holy Life

The question came up while studying about the false teachers foretold in 2 Peter chapter 2, were the people deceived by these heresies ever really saved or not? I personally, when I read the passage, take it as a warning For us believers not to get sucked into the deception...


Qualifications for Discipleship

I have struggled to get this last sermon on We Have Come Into the Kingdom for Such a Time as This because of trying to organize it in a way that would be concise enough so as not to be discarded because of all the cumbersome pieces. I finally, put...