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You Should Sleep!

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You Should Sleep!

Yesterday’s message was entitled, Lift Him Up, taken from John 12:23-32.After listening to the recording of the message several times, I noticed a valuable faith lesson and a much needed correction for many of us (in the details).

For those of you who weren’t with us, I gave an example from my peanut planting days back in Georgia as a boy. I detailed the planting process to illustrate what was meant in Romans 6:6 by “planted together with Him.” There is a lot of preparation in order to get ready to plant: harrowing, breaking land, and spraying for weed control. As I shared in my example, up until this point, you could still change your mind and back out of growing crop that year, but once you open the peanut seed bag and put the seed in the dirt, YOU ARE COMMITTED!

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